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How to make 10 times profit of your investment in 2022/ make 5% interest on shipping investment/ Invest with the best shipping company in Nigeria/West Africa

Shipping investment is an investment that has been considered the top 3 most lucrative.

Investment is essentially an asset this is created with the goal of permitting cash to grow. The earnings gotten from this funding may be used for a number of goals inclusive of assembly shortages in profits, saving up for retirement, or reimbursement of loans, or buying of different property.

In other words, funding is all approximately setting your financial savings into property or items that turn out to be worth greater than their preliminary worth or the ones so as to assist produce profits with time.

Financially speaking, funding definition is an asset this is acquired with the goal of permitting to appreciate in value over time.

Factors to be considered before investing

Having an investment and having a profitable investment are two different things.

We all look for profitable investments, but some of us just end up investing without profit.

We will be looking at factors to be considered before investing in a company.

How much is needed to invest

you need to know if the investment Capital is suitable with your financial capacity in order to be on the right track.

what are my returns on investment?

The one reason for investment is profit, you definitely need to make sure you are achieving in order to have a good investment.

How credible is the investment platform?

If there is one thing to avoid, it’s fraud. make your research about the platform and be sure you are on the right platform.

what is the long-term goal?

Make sure your investment aligns with your future goal. Accumulative profits go more than a long way.

About Shipping Investment/why invest in Shipping

Shipping investments are a form of alternative investment into an asset related to worldwide shipping. This could be into ships themselves, or a related asset such as containers, with the expectation of capital appreciation, dividends, and/or interest earnings.

Despite the global economic crisis, shipping is still a trend that attracts private and institutional investors.

Based on our extensive experience in ship management, cargo transportation, and ship financing, etc. through our established and close contacts in the finance industry, we are able to provide our potential partners and clients with various options of cooperation, especially professional support in ship investment projects.

How to Invest in Shipping Stocks

Over time, maritime transportation has made the movement of cargoes of all types and volumes possible, most importantly by engendering economies of scale through massive cargo transportation, which has a positive impact global logistics value chain.

Statistics show that about 91 percent of world merchandise/trade by volume is carried by seas while over 65 percent of all imports to West Africa are Nigeria-bound.

Nigerian Maritime Industry Forecast 2019-2021 has been tagged by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) as an enabler of economic growth and prosperity. The following has been listed as the various business opportunities for potential investors:

Ship financing:

Among the other industries, the maritime industry has been seen to be needing a lot of financial intervention in order to source funding required to unlock the acquisition of these maritime assets.

Shipping is capital-intensive as critical maritime assets are usually long-term assets that have a longer life span and gestation periods.

Ship building and ship repairs:

The Nigerian maritime industry holds a lot of promise for economic development, one of which is the oil and gas exploration towards deep offshore, off the coast, and in the coastal waters. This would increase the demand for more offshore support vessels including the FPSOs, tankers, and platforms.

There are huge investment opportunities in the building of vessels to meet national and Cabotage requirements such as Crew boats, Merchant Ships, Tankers, House boats, Offshore Support Vessels, Crew/Supply Vessel, Supply Vessel, Patrol Boat, Multipurpose Vessel, Patrol Vessel, etc.

The Nigerian capacity audit of ship building and ship repair yards has been commissioned. local and international investors should explore opportunities by   Investments in the form of funding, technology, and human capacity building.

Marine insurance:

The presence of insurance in the growth and development of an economy cannot be over-emphasized because of its ability to reduce the impact of risk which helps investors and entrepreneurs cover their exposures and incur more risk abilities.

Therefore, marine insurance will always exert a significant influence on the insurance business in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s marine subsector is among the critical factors that have the potential to push growth in the industry such as technological disruption, mergers, and acquisition, recapitalization to underwrite big transactions in the industry have been identified as game-changers for investors.

                               Why you should invest with us

Ship investment is therefore worthwhile and ensures participation in lucrative growth projects. The phase in which over capacities existed is long gone and, in addition, both the logistics and the technology of the ships have continuously evolved.

We are among the top shipping company in Lagos and also among the top shipping company in Nigeria with a high rate of turnover which makes a lot of investors want to join the train thereby making us the top shipping investment company.

Kingshipping is the most active Shipping company in Nigeria with offices in Ghana, Brazil, Singapore, India, Cotonou, and Togo.

Kingshipping trading has been awarded the best ship chandling company by Nigeria ship chandlers association also the best ship chandlers of the year by Nigeria and Angola eastern shipping.

Still, thinking of why you should invest now? kingshipping trading maritime services offer 5% interest on your initial capital every month and your initial capital at the end of your investment year.

Our team is made up of experts, marine professionals, who work together to provide tailor-made solutions to customers and using the highest technical and ethical standards, creates profitable investment opportunities for its partners.

We believe that revenue-oriented maritime asset investments through the years offer a unique combination of benefits.

Investors seek either profits generated from shipping fees, capital appreciation of the vessels themselves, or both.

Due to the high capital commitments involved, ship investment has tended to be limited to ultra-high net worth individuals and syndicates.

We are ensuring credibility, integrity, and transparency. king Shipping works with one objective in mind, to create value.

Our strategy is to manage and expand a fleet of cargo vessels in such a manner that will enable us to strengthen shareholders’ value.

To learn more about our investment plans or any other shipping/maritime services, please contact us.




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