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Diving & Underwater Services In Nigeria

Underwater Services can be seen as a leading provider of commercial diving and marine services.

Underwater diving, as a human activity, in the exercise of descending underneath the water`s floor to engage with the environment.

Diving is the activity of operating or searching around underwater with the use of unique respiratory equipment.

Diving may be considered as a situation where the diver engages in underwater work for industrial, construction, engineering, maintenance, or other commercial purposes.

Types Of Underwater Services

There are different categories of underwater services, underwater services have a lot of services that it offers in varieties.

The different types of underwater services include:

Underwater Inspection

Since frequent dry-docking is practically not possible, ship operators/owners resort to an assessment technique called ‘underwater ship inspection’.

Also known as an in-water survey, underwater diving inspection involves qualified, well-skilled divers, going underneath the waterline to test the submerged areas of the ship.

Underwater inspections constitute small funding and, if well done, have the capacity to shop a proprietor an extraordinary deal of money.

Regular inspections carried out by competent divers and followed by comprehensive and accurate reports can detect problems so that they can be corrected early enough. This prevents the most costly repair which neglect and further damage would lead to.

Hull Cleaning

 The goal of underwater hull cleansing is to do away with organic roughness or fouling.

A build-up of marine fouling can cause elevated drag, ensuing in a destructive effect on a vessel`s hydrodynamic overall performance and subsequently the connection among speed, strong overall performance, and gasoline consumption.

regular cleaning and maintenance of your delivery`s hull can influence its sturdiness and efficiency.

preserving your ship’s hull easy and maintained can save you nasty surprises inclusive of barnacles, marine crustaceans that if left untreated can connect themselves completely to the bottom of your delivery.

Hull Cleaning Tools
  • MC111. The MC111: that is designed for cleansing and sprucing deliver hulls, propellers and thrusters.
  • MC131. is designed for cleansing marine fouling from yachts
  • MC313
  • PP018 Hydraulic power unit.
  • PP100 Hydraulic power unit.
  • ROV cleaning systems.

Underwater Ship Repairs

It is very important to repair the worn-out parts of a ship to ensure a smooth operation.

Some of the underwater repairs can include underwater shaft seal repairs, thrust repairs, etc.

The Importance of Underwater Ship Repairs and Maintenance

Constant maintenance and repairs of your ship is an essential part of being a vessel owner; it helps to ensure health and safety, keep your ship in top condition, and can save you time and money in the long run.

On occasion, underwater repair is the only feasible option, particularly in instances of hull, propeller and plating maintenance.

Underwater ship repairs can:

  • Be tailored to your needs
  • Save you money in the long run
  • Reduce the time spent in dry dock
  • Improve your ship efficiency

Underwater Service Company in Nigeria/ underwater construction company in Nigeria

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