Shipping Agency: Advantages of Hiring a Shipping Agency/2022

A shipping agency is seen to be responsible for representing shipowners and charterers and for managing a ship’s stay at a port.

The agency connects ships and ports.

it’s essential to count on the help of an agency with broad knowledge and market intelligence, In order for the operation to happen without complications.

The shipping agency is responsible for exchanging information between charterers, shipowners, custom brokers, and port authorities.

This allows you to be agile in your process by contacting the best suppliers on the market and complying with all regulations and laws of the sector.

Advantages of Shipping Agencies

Shipping agencies manage the arrival and departure procedures of a ship at the port as their main mission.

as well as keeping each party properly informed about the operation; always aiming to anticipate risks and providing their client with the best options for the resolution of a possible problem.

Shipping agents provide services related to cost analysis of schedules for certain types of operations at the port, along with the key characteristics of each operation and vessel. This allows shipowners/charterers to better predict and plan their schedules.

Shipping companies are involved in the processing of vessels in the port as follows:

  • Manage freight-related documents.
  • Support for import/export approval procedures
  • Container time management by the importer.
  • Demurrage management.
  • Send daily reports on operations.
  • Warn owners/charterers in case of deviations due to cost development.
  • Coordinating services such as suppliers and technicians.

“A shipping agency is an agency that is fully aware of the person responsible for each type of customs clearance and what needs to be done according to specific requirements,”

Knowledge of the market is one of the things that sets shipping agencies apart on this kind of service because it allows for a broader vision of prices and the Quality of service provided by each worker.

A knowledge that shipping agencies are the most important.

Why hire a shipping agency?

One of the major things that set a shipping agency apart is market intelligence. Companies such as King Shipping have very specific knowledge of the characteristics of the operation.

Apart from the analysis carried out by the shipping agency, there are other related questions to the operation that affect transport, such as negotiating sea freight, Terminal characteristics, relationships with authorities,  knowledge of service providers.

The shipping agent needs to have certain accreditations with some official organizations in order to have a smooth operation.

In order to avoid problems with some accreditations which might complicate an operation, you need to hire a shipping agency.

Now, learn more about the advantages of hiring a shipping agency.

Why Hire King Shipping Trading as a Shipping Agency

Strong relationships with port authorities, stakeholders, and agencies involved in bureaucratic procedures related to the entry and exit of vessels from the port – enable large-scale representation to agencies and other stakeholders.

  • A huge database with a huge amount of information relevant to the functions of port operations.
  • Extensive knowledge of timetable-related information such as costs, uptime, and safety regulations.
  • Secure scheduling with out-of-the-box transparent services such as information flow and bureaucratic issues.
  • Steps for different types of operations. Generate a large amount of information for the agency.• Covers all ports in Cotonou, Togo, and Nigeria, providing one-stop local contact and better pricing and billing process.
  • Reliability and security.
  • Transparency and compliance protocols in addition to a very effective management model.

Shipping companies contribute to the smooth functioning of the nautical transportation process. Therefore, it is essential to choose an agency that can support port, maritime, and logistics services.

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