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How To Start A Mini Importation Business in Nigeria-2022

How to start a mini importation business is one of the most asked questions as the success rate of mini importation increases by the day.

If you’re thinking about going into the mini importation business then you are on the right track as it is one of the top business ideas in Nigeria.

This article explains all the necessary steps to take and what the mini importation business entails.

How Does a Mini Importation Business Work?

To better understand the basics of the mini importation business, you need to understand the basics.

The mini importation business is based on “buying and selling”. These items are purchased from abroad and resold for profit in Nigeria.

They usually buy products in bulk and resell them at a profitable price.

A notable feature of the mini-importation business is that you can start with almost any capital you have. If you are more inclined to the export business, you can learn how you can earn up to N1,000,000 a month by exporting things from Nigeria.

How to Start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria
  1. Select a product niche

This is an important part of the business. The mini importation business has several niche markets. If you have the capital, you can make a big start  by entering with multiple products.

There are several product areas to explore, including: Electrical appliances, clothing, furniture, etc., but for those with low capital, you need to find something that  capital can buy and work for.

  1. Product source

After choosing a niche for the product you want to sell, you need to find a supplier to deliver your product. Nowadays, it is convenient to find a supplier with the help of the Internet.

Some online retailers sell a wide variety of products for purchase and resale here in Nigeria. All you need to do is find one, register, and start your purchase.

There are many trusted online retailers like Alibaba, Amazon, AliExpress, DHgate and more.

  1. Buy from a supplier

The next step is to purchase the item from the supplier.

Another important step in ensuring this is to choose a reliable supplier. You want to make sure that the product you are looking for is of high quality.

The proper way to ensure this is through reviews and feedback from other buyers.

You can make important purchase decisions based on the evaluations and recommendations of other buyers.

  1. Product payment

The last step is to verify that your product is reaching you. I was tired to pay for imported products.

Recently, the process has become seamless with the help of the Internet and debit card.

Make sure that you buy your account for the product you buy your account.

This is the only way to verify that your product will be sent to you.

Basic Tools Needed to Start a Mini Importation Business

Before starting the steps to start a mini-import business, it is important to note the important equipment/tools needed to run your business. they are:

  • Laptop or computer and mobile phone
  • Internet access
  • Mastercard or VISA card
  • A large amount of capital depending on the choice of product.
  • mail address
  • The physical location for delivery of goods

 How to deliver the goods

Goods are usually delivered in two ways.

Free shipping: This process will take some time. With the free shipping method, it will take 20-30 days to deliver the item.

Express Shipping: With this method, the delivery is done by an external logistics company and the goods will be delivered within 35 business days.

Depending on the selected product, it is best to calculate the shipping cost for your product and it is up to you to choose the best

shipping option for your product. Goods delivery is the physical location where you want the goods to be delivered.

The physical location is the address where the item will be dropped off. Otherwise, we will contact you to ensure that the item arrives.

 Marketing of imported products

After overcoming all the hurdles of choosing a niche, and buying and shipping products, sales become a priority.

Your item needs to be promoted before it is sold and with the same help of the Internet, you can introduce your item.

Just like you do with drop shipping in Nigeria, there are online stores where you can register to become a supplier of certain goods stores such as Jumia or Konga and the likes.

You can start by using your list of contacts and friends and family to advertise your goods.

Sale of your goods

This is the culmination of the entire process. Once you have decided how to sell your imported goods, you need the services of a courier.

They also help you deliver your goods and get your money back. There are many reliable courier companies in Nigeria.

All you have to do is find one and start delivering your product to your customers.


That is all for the mini importation business in Nigeria. When you start a mini importation business today, you need to do due diligence.

The mini importation business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria today. It’s one of the many businesses you can do from the comfort of your own home and doesn’t require any expertise.

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