King Shipping Trading Maritime Services. As part of Nigeria Ports, the leading port and terminal services provider in Africa, offers a whole range of activities related to shipping and  stevedoring services through a network of many shipping agencies located around West Africa . Our shipping operations are coordinated by the NIGERIA Head Office with the support of our operation offices located in Togo, Ghana and Cotonou. Our local teams are available 24/7 and aim to offer you a reliable and efficient service in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified QHSE integrated management system and in compliance with our code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Together with our local shipping teams, we are committed to delivering best quality service  and endeavoring to meet our customers’ expectations.  


People are the center of our business and we place great value on developing the best Environment for our personnel to operate. We work to achieve this through. Supporting our team at induction and on a day-to-day basis through agreed training plans and a documented operational manual. Senior management are available 24/7 for our team to enable effective and quick decision making to support our clients. We treat each other with respect and encourage our team to develop a stimulating and open work culture that encourages personal development, rewards competitively and celebrates success. We draw on a blend of maritime history and a culture of quality combined with modern skills to put together in what we believe to be an unbeatable shipping agency in our area.

LOGISTICS SERVICES: King shipping trading owns a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles, pick-up trucks for timely and safe deliveries. For all modes of shipment (Air, Sea, Land, courier), we provide clearing and forwarding services and handling of ships stores in transit, including customs clearance, storage, transport and delivery to your vessels in ports. 




No 27 Caulcrick road Apapa Lagos, Nigeria.


Maison feu Atchou François quartier OHEE lot 72 Cotonu, Benin Republic.

5, Achicba Street,
Middle East Ashama,
Tema, Ghana.


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